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Father day is a day to look up to the respectful fathers in society, honoring fatherhood. Since the Middle Age, in Europe, many Catholic countries have been celebrating it on March, 19 as Saint Joseph’s day. The first service for the day founded on July 5 1908 at Fairmont, WV. After the mining accident, cause the death of hundreds of men. The first known father’s day in the US was founded by Sonora Smart Dodd in 1910.

Father Day celebrates and salutes the person who has actively played the beautiful role of fatherhood. This day also a chance for us to give our thanks to the father for the sacrifices they did as much as the responsibility of raising us, and everything they have done to protect us, teaching us to become a better person.

Fathers can be anything for their treasured children. Dads are the protector, a companion knight that every daughter can rely on. Dads also the heroes, a teacher for every son, a model they always want to become. That old man who you respect as a father. Always be there when it needs his advice, help, or support most. Don’t miss the chance to thank him during this special Father Day.

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